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Fishing Tournaments are held by the Stephenville Bass Club: rules are used which are uniform to Bass Tournament
fishing. The following guidelines are used for Monthly Intraclub Tournaments.

All Local, State, and Federal laws are to be obeyed.


Intraclub Tournaments are held on the Weekend after the Regularly Scheduled Club Meeting. This date may be changed in case of conflict. You can fish either one or both days under one entry fee, and take your heaviest stringer. The biggest bass caught either day will take Big Bass honors.

The lake to be fished will be chosen one month in advance of the tournament at the regular scheduled meeting. At least 2 lakes must be nominated at each meeting.

Discussion of the meeting place for the weigh-in is held at the monthly meeting prior to the tournament.

If Conditions are such that it appears a tournament maybe postponed/or moved, prospective entrants should contact a club officer for a ruling. If the tournament had to be moved it would be moved to the lake that got the second highest number of votes at the meeting.


Starting time is set by the Tournament Chairmen. Weigh-in time will be at 3:00pm during the months of May, June, July, August, and September; and 4:00pm during the months October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. Entrants may be anywhere on the lake, but may not start fishing until the designated starting time. The pre-set weigh-in time may be changed by a vote of the club at a regular meeting when a tournament site is a condsiderable distance from Stephenville. The change must be voted on at the meeting the distant lake is voted in.


Fish may be taken on artificial lures only, no seined, gill netted, or trot-lined fish are allowed. No trolling with the gasoline motor is allowed.

All persons in the boat must be registered to fish in any of the four categories.

A. Full tournament entrant - $20.00
B. Lady Angler Division - $2.00
C. Youth Angler Division (15 years and younger) - $2.00
D. Guest Division:

1.Full Entrant - $20.00
2.Big Bass Pot Only - $2.00

Any complaints should be in written form and presented to a club officer no later than 15 minutes after weigh-in is completed.


Any person noted not wearing a life preserver during tournament hours while the boat’s main motor is running will be disqualified for that tournament, except when loading and unloading the boat.

Entry fee is Twenty dollars ($20.00), distributed in the following manner:

1.Eightteen dollars ($18.00) for cash prizes
2.Two dollars ($2.00) to the largest fish


Five (5) fish may be weighed in to determine placing and the Top 12 Standings. Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

1.Four entrants weighing in fish – 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%
2.Three entrants weighing in fish – 50%, 30%, 20%
3.Two entrants weighing in fish – 60%, 40%
4.One entrant weighing in fish – 100%
5.If no fish are weighed in, the entry fee goes to the club

Ties will be settled in the following manner:

A. Tie for the first place – split money from 1st and 2nd place
B. Tie for second place – split money from 2nd and 3rd place
C.Tie for third place – split money from 3rd and 4th place
D. Tie for forth place – tieing entrants split 4th place money


All fish must be weighed in at weigh-in time. The official time is kept by the Tournament Chairmen, or in their absence, by the ranking club officer present.


Rule #1 must be complied with. Anyone measuring a fish less than 14 inches or the lakes minimum length limit for each species of Black Bass will be disqualified. Eligibility is determined by the Tournament Chairmen. In cases where the lake limit is other than 14", the minimum length accepted by SBC will be 1/4" longer than the lake limit for each species.


No iced or frozen fish will be weighed in. Dead fish may be weighed, but are subject to disqualification by a committee of all club officers present.


The Tournament Chairmen will weigh, and may measure all fish. In the case of doubt, eligibility is determined by the Tournament Chairmen, or in their absence, by the ranking club officer present. If no club officers are present, the Tournament Chairmen are required to designate a member to act in their absence.


Anyone breaking a tournament rule may be disqualified from the tournament, and a decision will be made within thirty (30) days by the club officers as to what further action will be taken.


A running tally of members is kept in terms of pounds and hundredths of pounds of fish caught in Intra-Club Tournaments. A Top Twelve Team for fishing Regional Tournaments is determined in terms of present standings from January 1 of each year. Members eligible to fish a Regional Tournament must notify a club officer as to their intent of fishing the tournament at or before the meeting prior to the tournament. The option to go to the tournament will be left in the top twelve if possible.

Fish caught in the Intra-Club Tournaments are eligible only for standings in the Top Twelve and other respective club trophies.

Entrants are responsible for their own catches before, during and after weigh-in. A live release is encouraged on all healthy fish.

If you are on the lake on tournament day, without prior notice, you are considered to be in the tournament.

Rule changes will only be made one time a year at our regular December meeting.


In order to receive their bonus point, each entrant must check in at the weigh-in or notify another member that they are leaving the lake early.

A one (1) pound bonus point will be given to each entrant for each tournament fished if Rule #23 is complied with.


A member may bring the same guest no more than twice per year. Guests have the option of fishing as a full Tournament entrant with a $20.00 fee or fish for the Big Bass Pot only for a $2.00 fee. The guest must fish with a club member. The guest must declare prior to tournament if he/she is full entry – otherwise he/she will be entered in the Big Bass Pot only.

All entrants must be within 100 feet of the scales at the designated weigh-in time.


A decision will be made as to the allocation of prizes or money that the Top Six Team may win at a particular Tournament prior to fishing the tournament.

The Stephenville Bass Club will not hold any Road-Runner Tournaments.


No lake will be fished more than three (3) times, and at least six (6) different lakes will be fished in the year, and no lake will be fished back to back two months in a row.

The Club will pay the entry fees plus $50.00 per man for expenses to at least two (2) tournaments for the Top Twelve .


In the event no teams are sent to a championship Tournament, SBC reserves the right to host a Classic Tournament in which the entry fee for the top twelve will be waived. The top six fund and additional monies will be used to develope a pot used to pay the winners of this event.

Team Jackpot
Tournament Rules 2005


  1. You must register under one of the categories in Rule #8 of the Stephenville Bass Club 2005 Intra-Club Tournament Rules.
  2. You must be registered for the Jackpot Tournament by notifying one of the Tournament Chairmen or club member before starting time of the tournament day.
  3. You and your partner must fish from the same boat on the day the fish are caught (no pooling of fish).
  4. You may change partners for the second day as long as you register as a new team.

Il.Entry Fee
  1. Entry fee is $5.00 per person.
  2. You may fish one or both days under one entry fee.
  3. Each angler’s Stephenville Bass Club tournament weight will be added to his partner’s for their total weight for that day.
  4. At the end of the second day the team with the Heaviest Stringer will win 100% of the pot.
  5. In the case of a tie the pot will be split 50% / 50%.


All other Stephenville Bass Club Intra-club Tournament rules apply.



The Club presents plaques to the top placing members of each monthly Intra-club Tournament.

The Club also awards annual plaques at the start of the year for outstanding fishing achievements for the previous year as follows:

  1. Each member of the Top Six Teams will be awarded a Plaque, the top man being named Angler of the Year and receiving special recognition with a larger plaque and a $100.00 gift certificate. Places second through twelve will receive smaller plaques.
  2. A plaque is awarded to the member weighing the largest bass caught in a monthly Intra-club Tournament for the year.
  3. A plaque will be awarded to the member entering the largest bass caught and not entered in an Intra-club Tournament providing that the catch was validated at the next meeting after being caught.
  4. A plaque will be given for the Heaviest Stringer weighed in at a club Intra-club Tournament.
  5. A plaque will be given to the Top Woman Angler.
  6. A plaque will be given to the Top Youth Angler.
  7. An award will be given to the Heaviest Stringer in the Team Category.
    In case of a tie for a plaque, members tieing for the award will each receive a plaque.



  1. Membership fee is $30 per year. If member decides to join B.A.S.S. dues will be $68 per year.
  2. Any new member joining in the last quarter of the year gets the last quarter free, and his membership fee is for the following year.
  3. The Bass Club will accept prospective members’ dues at the tournament site, but the member will fish as a guest until membership is voted on at the next regularly scheduled club meeting.

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